Our UKG curriculum meets the requirements of CBSE and ICSE.

UKG curriculum is backed by PEARSON mode of teaching and Apine Kids follows international curriculum standards as well as curriculum is developed to meet the needs of CBSE/ICSE.


A child in UKG at Apine Kids is prepared to clear introduction sessions at all formal schools as well immense effort is focussed in development of below mentioned key areas:


Complete knowledge of writing an English language sentence, paragraph comprehension, stories, introduction to grammar etc. is completed in UKG class. This helps your child to score better grades under a formal school learning experience.


Kids Castle focusses a lot on public speaking and inculcating a habit among children to respond well to questions asked by family and friends. We emphasis a lot on stage activities, Mike time, circle time activities, picture talk and exhibitions to improvise the habit of public speaking in a child.


This program covers development of pre-mathematical skills related to comparison, sorting, matching, ordering, sequencing and counting.


Immense effort is focussed on writing cursive, capital, letters and sentences in UKG. Writing opens gateway to learning for any child, the sooner a child learns to write properly quicker the child would be able to grasp English, Math and Science concepts.

Also, our program enhances the development of physical control, mobility, awareness of space and skills in the indoor and outdoor games.

Age: 4 Year 6 Months to 5 year 6 months

Student Teacher Ratio: 1:12

Session Timings: 4 Hours