Play/learn equipment

TSchool make liberal use of play/learn equipment to teach in effective manner. The equipment is not only fun but also satisfies a child’s natural curiosity. They enhances their desire for playing and ultimately they end up learning in safe and aesthetically appealing place. With the help of play and learn equipment’s we prepare our students for direct experience. These equipment’s target their senses and arouse their imagination.

Activity room

Our spacious activity room are equipped with gross motor, fine motor, linguistic, Montessori’s, art & craft, mathematic, logical, creative, play way and other education imparting equipment’s. Activity room is established to unleash the inherent creativity and inner potential of the students. It strengthen their learning and give them space and equipment’s to test their learning.

Special Assembly

Special assemblies are conducted on various events and themes to acquaint our students with cultural values, nation aspiration, world movements, moral values, etc. the complex hard to grasp issues can be easily introduced through these special assemblies.


Our school transport is fitted with GPS Technology to track their movements. Special care is taken to ensure that transport arrive on time, have experienced driver and the nanny attendant to make the journey safe.


All area of school corridors, gates, grounds and classes are under CCTV surveillance.
The campus has Round-the-clock security cover, with guard stationed at the main Gate, maids in and around the building. School Staff monitors the arrivals and departures of students, thereby maintaining the highest levels of security at all times. Only authorized person can pick the student and that to by showing parent copy of identity card.
All the important points in the school are connected with intercoms