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Apnie Kids School

“Let us liberate ourselves from any form of control. Let us focus at the inner drum, where the Rhythm aligns with that of our heart. The measure of responsibility, equals to the need for evolution. Just listen, the inner child, let it whisper in your ear”- Grigoris Deoudis At Apnie Kids School, we parent our kids to enjoy themselves and be themselves. We believe in providing provide a home away from home surroundings to our children so that they grow in a free environment, learn to express themselves and find their unique talent in a warm, conducive, healthy and natural environment. We also recognize the individuality of each child and so, we encourage, our children to discover their hobbies, passion and be nurtured into a confident and happy child. Read more...

Learning Environment

Believing in the eternal saying, "All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy"; we implement teaching techniques involving games and sports.

Professional Teachers

We have the best of teachers who educate with a sole aim to provide all what it takes for a better future of your kids.

Programs for Everyone

Let your kids discover the colors of life through Art. They love colors and we give them the freedom to explore to become tomorrow’s Dali and Picasso.


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We are one of the leading providers of educational services in India operating maximum number of self-operated preschools. Our curriculum and trained teachers reflect our standards of excellence

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1.5-2.5 Years Age Group

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We give our children a learning environment & contribute to their success!

Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before.

  • We Provide Quality Education
  • Healthy Foods for Children
  • Smaller Classes & Individual attention
  • Friendly & Positive Learning Environment
  • Character Build-up & Comprehensive Reporting
  • Arrangment of Summer Camps & Special Events